Web Comic Recommendation: the Dreamer


A modern-day girl having dreams about the American Revolution doesn’t sound that exciting. Add the fact that she’s incorporated in the dreams and thinks they’re real adds a unique spin to this comic.

This web comic began in 2007, written and drawn by Lora Innes. Beatrice Whaley is the protagonist to the story. She’s a high school senior who has big dreams of Broadway. Out of nowhere, she starts having dreams about the American Revolution. She meets historical figures like Nathan Hale and George Washington. The dreams start overtaking her waking life. Her friends, parents, and boyfriend start worrying over her. Beatrice keeps telling them the dreams are real and even meets another love interest in Alan Warren.

As the issues go on, the struggle between the dream life and waking life is prominent. She loses a friend, and History is not re-written, characters that die during the revolution die in the comics. Beatrice tried to prevent one death to no avail.

The questions become: are her dreams real? Is she living in both time periods? Or is she having a nervous breakdown? It’s up to the reader to decide.

As of now, its on issue 17. Paperback editions of the comic are available through IDW.

The one quip is that a new page is release every Wednesday and Friday. It’s too long of a wait for each page, when you just want to it continue.

It’s an appealing take on an important part of American history. It has historical figures, but they are still people with flaws. It has mysteries, intrigue, romance, and may even learn something.

If anyone has any interest in American history, even if you don’t and want to enjoy an interesting tale, check it out here: http://www.thedreamercomic.com/read_pgmain.html