Review: The Movement #1


The Movement is a new comic series from Gail Simone and Freddie Williams III. This issue did a great job in setting up the premise and characters. There were a lot of characters to introduce, but it did not feel overwhelming or confusing.


The series takes place in fictional CoralCity. The series starts with showing one of the many forms of police corruption. I won’t spoil it, but the corruption is caught on video by masked vigilantes and made public.


From that scene, it’s obvious CoralCity is not the nice part of town. From there, it introduces the police force, and other members of the cast. There’s a little bit divulged about the different characters, but it’s enough to understand their reasoning of standing up against the police or their dislike for the vigilantes.


Williams’ art was solid. It was detailed, and each of the vigilantes had a clear look to them. Each looked different, and colors. With a large cast of characters, it made it easier to distinguish them.


It was a busy issue. It managed to do a lot in twenty pages. It was a sound introduction to CoralCity. Another stable entrance by Gail Simone.


This series focuses on the 99 percent, which may cause controversy in the future. There’s a series that concentrates on the 1 percent, The Green Team Teen Trillionaires. If anyone’s interested.


For any Secret Six fans, there’s an old, familiar face among the cast.


Check it out, if interested in something different from the capes and tights comics.