Web Comic Recommendation: Always Raining Here


Always Raining Here is a webcomic by Hazel and Bell. Two teenage boys, one is named Adrian and the other is named Carter, are trying to figure out their feelings for one another. Carter makes it clear from the start (quite strongly) that he likes Adrian, while Adrian, who’s been a victim of that dreaded heartbreak does not really want to do anything with Carter.

Carter continues on finding out Adrian’s interests, and mayhem ensues. It has the typical high school elements, but it’s interesting and fresh enough that the reader is not annoyed by them. There are plenty of nerd culture references. Adrian is a big video game fan, in particular of one franchise.

The artwork is different from the comics usually encountered. It’s watercolor based and works well for this comic, where it’s not all about splash pages.

The second trade began earlier this year. A new page is released on most Fridays. The first trade was released and is available to buy from the website.

If you want a feel-good comic, without superheroes, then this one is for you.

Here’s the website, if anyone’s interested: http://alwaysraininghere.com/