Comic Book Recommendation: Captain Marvel


Captain Marvel more known as Ms. Marvel was revamped with a new costume and hairstyle by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick. My familiarity with Carol Danvers was limited to the Avenger’s Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the X-men cartoon of the 90s. I had heard a lot of good things from this series, I decided to check it out, and ended up really enjoying the series.

Carol Danvers is a retired colonel of the U.S. Air Force, among other titles. She’s also a member of the Avengers.

This new series is a great start for people who are not as familiar with the character. The stories so far have included time travel (to a squadron of butt-kicking women), giant robots (with another super heroine), and the return of an old foe. Dealing with all that, Captain Marvel still has to deal with every day problems including eviction.

She’s an intricate character that has these extraordinary powers and yet has to balance a normal life including going to vet appointments. The comic does a fantastic job combining the superhero aspect (fighting in space, in Earth) and seeing a superhero struggling with an average person’s problems.

The supporting cast is great. Carol’s friend Tracy Burke is a firecracker, and even a few other Avengers make appearances.

The artist is not always the same, there have been a couple. Each brings a different spin to the character, although one thing remains similar and that’s the colors. It has a wonderful use of colors, bright like her costume.

Two of the trades are out now, available at comic book stores or online. I’ll definitely be adding it to my monthly list.

Note: Captain Marvel is not to be confused with DC’s Captain Marvel who was renamed Shazam with the new 52.