TV Review: Beware the Batman


“Beware the Batman” is the latest cartoon incarnation of the Batman mythos. It’s more serious in tone than the previous Batman animated series, “Batman: the Brave and the Bold.” The colors are once again muted. The premiere was an adequate set-up for the series.

What makes this Batman different from the other ones? This series is in CGI, just like the cancelled “Green Lantern: The Animated Series.” It does not look terrible, it works for the most part. The action parts look the best in CGI, even the character’s expressions don’t look overly bland.

Batman will still have a sidekick, but it won’t be Robin. It’s the swordmistress Katana. This is a good change. At this point, whether or not you read comics, you’re familiar with Robin, it’s nice to give another not as well-known character a chance.

Batman/Bruce Wayne still has Alfred, though this Alfred is a bit different. He’s younger, he looks only a couple years older than Batman. This Alfred reminded me of Jason Statham. The positive on this change is that Alfred is seen fighting. Though, it will take a little getting used to their version of this beloved character.

Batman/Bruce Wayne is still dark, involved in the action, and actually get hurts. At the beginning of the episode, you see Batman injure his shoulder, and the director/writer go back to that injury throughout the episode. He’s not completely healed by the end of the episode. It was appealing to see that, since he still is just human.

The villains in this particular episode were Professor Pyg and Mister Toad, who were both creations from Grant Morrison’s “Batman and Robin” run. The story itself was standard, Pyg and Toad kidnap businessmen involved in a shady deal including an unknowing Bruce Wayne (though they kidnap Alfred instead.) Batman, Alfred, and Katana come to save the day.

It was a solid start. It seems it will not only deal with the known Batman villains, Joker, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, etc. but delve more into the Batman mythos and introduce other not known villains. It’s unique in that aspect, and can’t wait to see Katana as Batman’s sidekick.

By the way, part of the DC nation are shorts. If you haven’t checked it out yet, check out the Wonder Woman short, it’s awesome.


I’ll be going to Comic-Con on Sunday and have plans on attending the “Beware the Batman” panel, so stay tuned.