Jordan Gavaris Talks About Feedback From LGBT Community

If you haven’t noticed, I talk a lot about queer representation in the mediaLike a lot.  It’s a thing.  So when I had the chance to be at the Orphan Black panel I knew I wanted to ask about Felix and Cosima.  Earlier in the panel many people had already expressed their love of Cosima, but nobody had really touched on Felix.  Jordan Gavaris’s answer blew me away so I’m just going to post it in it’s entirety.  You can see me exhale after asking the question because it was very difficult to ask in front of all the cameras and people, but I really wanted to know the answer.

The rest of the panel was wonderful, but it all up for viewing at The Nerd Machine so you should go check it out.  Stay tuned for more updates from Comic Con as the weekend begins to wind down!