Comic-Con: Beware the Batman


The panel started by showing a new episode that won’t air for a couple of weeks called “Broken.” The villain used for that episode was Humpty Dumpty, and his obsession of putting things back together again. The voice actor did an excellent job in making the “Humpty Dumpty” song creepy.

After the showing, producers Mitch Watson, and Glen Murakami came on stage along with Anthony Ruivivar, voice of Batman, and J.B. Blanc, voice of Alfred. The moderator asked on their approach to this series. The producers said they didn’t want a rehash of the same old villains, they wanted to try something new by introducing lesser-known villains.

They did tease that a more well-known villain would come out sometime this season. The only clue they gave was that their name has a D in it. Might it be Harvey Dent, or Oswald Copplepot? Any other guesses?

Anarky will be the overall villain for this season.

Black Mask was also considered as a villain, but the producers decided against it because he’s getting used in more mediums like the Batman Arkham Origins game. Hush was also a possibility, but proved too similar to another villain they are using in another episode.

The producers said they have no plans for using previous Batman voice actors other than Tara Strong who reprised her role as Barbara Gordon. A man on the audience yelled “Kevin Conroy! Mark Hamill!” They just laughed it off.

Ruivivar said it was an honor to voice such an iconic character, and enjoys the challenge of getting both sides, Batman and Bruce Wayne.

The producers were asked if they have any plans for Joker. They said they have no future plans to use Joker and no future plans for Robin either. Although, Batgirl is a possiblity since Barbara is on the show.

A member of the audience asked why they decided to have this Alfred use a gun. Blanc said he’s been getting asked that question a lot. The producers said they wanted a more of a fighter Alfred, someone closer to Bruce’s age to play off more the father/son relationship. Watson says Alfred still has that protective nature towards Bruce and if he has to use a gun to protect him, then so be it. Plus the producers said he wasn’t as menacing carrying a plate of food.

Murakami said they didn’t want the “gothic” look to the show, but more like “60/70s action movies.”

The producers explained they have to tone down some of the villains from their comic book form, like Humpty Dumpty. They said they are still a children’s show.

They said they wouldn’t have any show-created villains this season.

The panel was surprised at how they have gotten mostly positive reviews so far, and hope it continues the rest of the season.