Comic-Con: Teen Titans Go!


The panel was a fun one with an unexpected guest. It started with a showing of two new episodes. Both centered around Terra, and the famous Titan storyline, The Judas Contract.

After the episodes were shown, the panelists were brought on stage: Aaron Horvath (one of the producers of the show), Tara Strong (voice of Raven), Greg Cipes (voice of Beast Boy), Scott Menville (voice of Robin), and Khary Payton (voice of Cyborg). Payton had Hynden Walch (voice of Starfire) on the phone, saying hi to the audience.

The special guest was Mix Master Mike, a contributing member of the Beastie Boys. He mixed the original Teen Titans theme song while the rest of the cast danced around. Cipes was dressed in a bear Kigurumi pijama dancing on top of the table. He really does act like Beast Boy.

Tara Strong said that they usually get told that they work so hard on this show. She agrees, but when asked about her contribution she simply said, “Whatever,” in Raven’s characteristic monotone.

The audience asked a couple of questions. They were asked if any of the characters from the old Teen Titans series will be appearing again. They said it’s possible, but they didn’t confirm anything except for the fact that the H.I.V.E. is coming back. They were also asked about the possibility of showing a Raven/Beast Boy romance – they said that it might happen, and that we should keep watching.

Another fan asked how this series is different from the original Teen Titans series. Menville said that the other series had its funny moments, and he enjoyed working on the serious episodes, but that the new series will have a sillier tone overall. He also pointed out that the audience has seen each of the Titans die at least once in “Teen Titans Go!”

The cast thanked the fans for bringing the show back, and Cipes said he was happy to have the family back together.

Strong said one of her favorite episodes so far has been the episode including the Wonder Twins. Payton said Zan “has the most useless powers in superhero history.”

The producer and cast asked us to keep watching, because the audience hasn’t seen the craziest things yet.

The panel ended with Mix Master Mike playing the re-mixed version of the theme song.