TV Show Recommendation: Lost Girl


This show was funnily enough recommended by Max on Netflix. In case for those not familiar, Max is this new feature where it recommends a show or movie, depending on what you feel like watching and past viewings. Based on past Doctor Who and Firefly viewings, “Lost Girl.” I had never heard of it, had no idea what it was about. Max then give a 30 second spiel on the show, and it had me interested. So, I decided to check the first episode and now I’m onto the second season.


“Lost Girl” is a Canadian show shown on the Syfy channel. Bo is a succubus, a type of Fae (a succubus is a supernatural entity in the form of a woman who live off another person’s sexual energy, the male version is incubus) although, at the start of the series, she has no clue as to what she is, having been abandoned by her Fae parents at birth. All she knows is that every person she’s slept with ends up dead. She meets Kenzi, who she saves from a creeper, and so starts their journey into the supernatural. Bo and Kenzi meet other members of the supernatural community including Dyson, who’s a werewolf, Hale who’s a siren, and Trick.


Bo learns that she’s a succubus, after a killing calls the attention of the Fae. Since she was in the dark about the supernatural world, she has to choose whether to join the light Fae or the dark Fae. She chooses neither, and lives in between both worlds. The Ash, leader of the light Fae and The Morrigan, leader of the dark Fae are not amused by her choice. She discovers the Fae have human covers, Dyson and Hale are both detectives, for example. They are placed in strategic human occupations, in case they need to cover a supernatural aspect of a case.


The Ash has a human doctor, Lauren and she takes care of the light Fae, although she’s not supposed to help Bo without the Ash’s permission, she still assists her.


Since she’s neither dark nor light, Bo and Kenzi start a PI business, helping people who’s cases were thought as nonsense by humans. She ends up a lot at Trick’s bar for light Fae, he has to most knowledge to the supernatural creatures.


She depends on Dyson and Lauren’s help and a love triangle develops as the first season progresses. As she delves more in to the world with her trusty sidekick Kenzi, she finds her mother with not the best consequences.


Bo is an awesome characters. She’s a well-written characters. The creator, Michelle Lovretta when she was asked to create the show, “When Prodigy (our studio) asked me to create a show about some kind of bisexual superhero who uses sex as part of her arsenal, my first thought was hell yes!…Bo has lots of sex, with men, women, human, Fae, threesomes, and she’s still our hero, still a good person worthy (and capable) of love, and that a rare portrayal of female sexuality.” (From a 2011 The Watercooler interview). The show does not have Bo feeling guilty about wanting to have sex. Yes, it’s a part of her, but she’s still a kind-hearted, strong Fae.


Even thought, Kenzi is human, she does let the other Fae intimidate her. She was homeless at the beginning of the series, moving in with Bo, and they form a formidable team. She allows herself to take care of Bo, and vice versa, and end up having a strong sisterly bond.


“Lost Girl” is a great supernatural, crime show. It has mystery, trickery, powerful female characters,  if any of this sounds intriguing, check it out. The first two seasons are on Netflix, third season could be found online, and the fourth season starts later this year on the Syfy channel.