Kickstarter: Scary Godmother


Jill Thompson, the creator of the book series, Scary Godmother started a Kickstarter campaign for a Scary Godmother fashion doll. For those not familiar, Scary Godmother are books based on a Halloween Godmother to a little girl named Hannah. Cartoon Network airs the “Scary Godmother” specials every Halloween.

To get the doll, the pledge is $50, but if you can’t pledge that much you can give as little as $1, and you still get a PDF for a Scary Godmother comic that introduces you to the world. This is how the final product will look like:


Dark House currently sells the Scary Godmother stories and can be bought in their website or on Amazon. The doll is really detailed, you can check her process at the Kickstarter link.

Thompson has worked as an artist in some of the following comic book series: Wonder Woman, The Sandman, among others. Even Neil Gaiman, writer of The Sandman  has backed it.

If you can’t pledge money to this campaign, spread the information around. She still has 24 days to reach her $150,000 goal.