Web Comic Recommendation: Gronk A Monster’s Story


Gronk is webcomic created by Katie Cook. For any My Little Pony fans, she’s written a couple of arcs of the IDW comic. Gronk is a monster who’s picked on by her fellow monsters. After a tragic event involving her stuffed animal and being torn, she decides to leave her home in the forest and venture where “Where no monster has gone before.” (Gronk, page 5). There she meets Dale Wilco, who takes her into her home and adventures ensues.

Dale works from home as a music composer for commercials and TV shows, has a dog Harli, and a cat, Kitty.

Dale introduces to her the fantastic world of sci-fi and fantasy by having Gronk watch “Lord of the Rings.” “Star Wars,” among others. They have many adventures together, including Gronk’s shopping spree at Amazon with Dale’s money and the consequences of that action. There are many nerdy callouts, including Harry Potter costumes.

The strips deals with ideas that many people can relate to, including a slight addiction to social networks.

It’s drawn with no other way to describe it but a “cute” feel.

Cook has guest writers and artists on her strip sometimes, and has a link specifically for Gronk fan art.

If you’re looking for a family friendly comic with lovable characters, check out Gronk: http://www.gronkcomic.com/2010/04/gronk/