Agent Carter One-Shot and Captain Marvel Movie: Yes Please!


Agent Carter’s one-shot is available as an added extra on the upcoming “Iron Man 3” DVD/Blu-ray. The short takes place one year after “Captain America: the First Avenger,” and Hayley Atwell reprising the role of Peggy is seen at her desk job, the only woman in the office. She’s passed over assignments by her narrow-minded boss, until an unexpected phone call leads her to the location of the puzzling Zodiac. What ensues is Peggy kicking butt, leaving S.S.R. (Strategic Scientific Reserve), and hopefully a continuation to her story.

Everyone was great in this short, in particular Atwell, she portrayed her grief at losing Steve, but also was smart and clever in defeating the enemies. Director, Louis D’Esposito was asked by Screencrush whether we’d see more Peggy and he said, “Listen, we know this isn’t the last Peggy Carter story. We want to tell more because she’s so good.”

Peggy will be back in a cameo for next year’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” but she could be a possibility for a female-led superhero movie. There are rumors of another possible female-led superhero movie in the form of Captain Marvel.


Katee Sackhoff has apparent been in talks with Marvel mentioning it on the Schmoes Knows podcast, “There’s been a lot of stuff going on…A lot of checking availability for the first quarter of next year…” Rumors are circulating that she’s been in talks about possibly portraying Captain Marvel. Sackhoff is not stranger to playing a badass, she’s known for her portrayal of Starbucks on “Battlestar Galactica.”

The rumors started when D’Esposito mentioned they are looking at the Captain Marvel property. It’s an internet rumor at the moment because Sackhoff met with Marvel and Esposito’s remark that people have connected the two. Hopefully, there is truth to this rumor, and we see a Captain Marvel movie soon.

While DC is lining up the latest excuse of the week for the lack of a Wonder Woman movie, Marvel is moving forward with possible female heroes movies.

Would you watch a Peggy Carter or Captain Marvel film or both? Do you see Sackhoff as Captain Marvel or another actress?