Comic Recommendations


Below you’ll find a list of wonderful web comics and traditional comic books recommended by our lovely author Lone Commander.  Check out what she’s reading and you might find the perfect rec for you.

Web Comics

Always Raining Here
Always Raining Here is a webcomic by Hazel and Bell. Two teenage boys, one is named Adrian and the other is named Carter, are trying to figure out their feelings for one another. Carter makes it clear from the start (quite strongly) that he likes Adrian, while Adrian, who’s been a victim of that dreaded heartbreak does not really want to do anything with Carter.

Lady Sabre & the Pirates of Ineffable Aether
Pirates? Check. Steampunk element? Check. Strong female character? Check. Have your attention yet? Good.

The Dreamer
A modern-day girl having dreams about the American Revolution doesn’t sound that exciting. Add the fact that she’s incorporated in the dreams and thinks they’re real adds a unique spin to this comic.

Gronk A Monster’s Story
Gronk is webcomic created by Katie Cook. For any My Little Pony fans, she’s written a couple of arcs of the IDW comic. Gronk is a monster who’s picked on by her fellow monsters. After a tragic event involving her stuffed animal and being torn, she decides to leave her home in the forest and venture where “Where no monster has gone before.” (Gronk, page 5). There she meets Dale Wilco, who takes her into her home and adventures ensues.

Comic Books

The Unwritten
The Unwritten is an on-going comic series written by Mike Carey, art by Peter Gross. It’s published by Vertigo. The series began October 2009. If you have any interest in literature, the fantastical side of it, the historical side of it, this is your series.

Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel more known as Ms. Marvel was revamped with a new costume and hairstyle by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick. My familiarity with Carol Danvers was limited to the Avenger’s Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the X-men cartoon of the 90s. I had heard a lot of good things from this series, I decided to check it out, and ended up really enjoying the series.