Watching Taken the TV Miniseries

TakenIMAGETaken is a science fiction drama that spans over 50 years following three families as their lives are affected by alien contact on earth. If you’re a fan of UFO history, you really can’t skip this. It has references to real key moments in UFO history such as foo fighters (no, not the band), the Roswell crash, the Lubbock lights, and Area 51 just to name a few. And before you get on my case about “real UFO history,” you don’t necessarily have to believe in aliens to recognize that UFO sightings and conspiracies have played a very real part in US history, especially post WWII. Taken acknowledges most of the huge incidents in history and weaves them into a beautifully written family drama that spans several decades.  It’s filled with rich characters, moving plots, intense drama, and action.  What’s not to love?

Below is an episode by episode guide of the series.  The first review is meant to be read before watching as a sort of enticement, but all subsequent reviews are best read after viewing the episode (lest you be spoiled).

  1. TakenEp5-3Beyond the Sky
  2. Jacob and Jesse
  3. High Hopes
  4. Acid Tests
  5. Maintenance
  6. Charlie and Lisa
  7. God’s Equation
  8. Dropping the Dishes
  9. John
  10. Taken