Comic Book Recommendation: Batman ’66


Holy Adam West! Yes, Adam West’s Batman and Burt Ward’s Robin are back, in comic book form. This comic is released weekly available in the DC or ComiXology app for 99 cents. A hard copy of the comic is released about every two months.

I’m not a big fan of digital comics, I prefer having the paper copy in my hand, but Batman ’66 has amusing aspects that are only available through digital comics. This series is based off the 1966-1968 campy show. The comic does a great job in incorporating all those elements people remember from the program, like adding the POW! BANG! in fight scenes.


The tone of the comic is very much on point to the TV show, with Robin exclaiming his “Holy Blank!” When I read the comic, I can hear Adam West’s voice in my head as I’m reading Batman’s lines, along with all the other characters.

Jeff Parker writes the scripts for this series, and it’s obvious he’s watched the series. There have been a couple of artists on the series, all use bright colors, which is a welcome change from the dark colors used in the other Batman comic titles. All the characters are drawn to the likeness of the actors who portrayed them in the television series, adding more to the nostalgia feeling.

A couple of the issues make great use of the digital format. The first arc of the series deals with the Riddler stealing the Lady Gotham. As you slide your fingers to get to the next page, the bubbles of the characters appears one by one, from one slide of the finger to the next, is an explosion. It makes it unexpected fun, as you don’t know what the next slide of the finger will bring.

Even Egghead makes an appearance in one of the later issues. An allusion is even made to the Batusi, many easter eggs for fans of the series.

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For anyone who’s a fan of the 60s television series, even those not familiar with it, and are looking for a change of pace from broody Batman, this is a great, entertaining series.