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Comic Book Recommendation: Batman ’66


Holy Adam West! Yes, Adam West’s Batman and Burt Ward’s Robin are back, in comic book form. This comic is released weekly available in the DC or ComiXology app for 99 cents. A… Continue reading

Agent Carter One-Shot and Captain Marvel Movie: Yes Please!


Agent Carter’s one-shot is available as an added extra on the upcoming “Iron Man 3” DVD/Blu-ray. The short takes place one year after “Captain America: the First Avenger,” and Hayley Atwell reprising the… Continue reading

DC Angers Fans Twice In One Week


Trigger Warning: This article discusses suicide. DC Comics is hosting a contest called “Break Into Comics,” where people can submit a four panel comic that’s outlined by DC.  The panels are to be… Continue reading

Web Comic Recommendation: Gronk A Monster’s Story


  Gronk is webcomic created by Katie Cook. For any My Little Pony fans, she’s written a couple of arcs of the IDW comic. Gronk is a monster who’s picked on by her… Continue reading

Comic-Con: Beware the Batman


The panel started by showing a new episode that won’t air for a couple of weeks called “Broken.” The villain used for that episode was Humpty Dumpty, and his obsession of putting things… Continue reading

Comic-Con: Teen Titans Go!


The panel was a fun one with an unexpected guest. It started with a showing of two new episodes. Both centered around Terra, and the famous Titan storyline, The Judas Contract. After the… Continue reading

TV Review: Beware the Batman


“Beware the Batman” is the latest cartoon incarnation of the Batman mythos. It’s more serious in tone than the previous Batman animated series, “Batman: the Brave and the Bold.” The colors are once… Continue reading

Comic Book Recommendation: Captain Marvel


Captain Marvel more known as Ms. Marvel was revamped with a new costume and hairstyle by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick. My familiarity with Carol Danvers was limited to the Avenger’s Earth’s Mightiest Heroes… Continue reading

Comic Review: X-Men #1


What makes this X-book stand out amongst the numerous other X-series? It has an all-female cast. This book by Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel brings to the forefront the female X-men. The book… Continue reading

Web Comic Recommendation: Always Raining Here


Always Raining Here is a webcomic by Hazel and Bell. Two teenage boys, one is named Adrian and the other is named Carter, are trying to figure out their feelings for one another.… Continue reading

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