We’re fans.  We have a lot of FEELINGS.  This is where we talk about them.

The Geekiary is a blog started by fans, for fans, as a place to express ourselves and share all the most geeky news and our personal interests all in one place. We’re proud members of our fandoms.  We’re Tumblr users and Twitter addicts. We’re con goers, photographers, cosplayers, artists, and writers.

Check out our staff page for more about who we are individually.

Here’s an FAQ

How do I get involved with the Geekiary?

At the moment we are all volunteer run, though this may change as we grow and expand.  You can help us with this by getting involved.  You can help us advertise, help us write, or just sit back and enjoy what we’re bringing you.

Do you pay your writers?

Not at this time.  We are, however, looking to expand and start generating revenue.  Once the website makes money, the others will make money.  Right now the hosting is paid for out of our own pockets and we simply don’t have the budget to pay our staff.  Hopefully it won’t be that way for long!  You can help us work towards this goal by getting involved!

I have a project of my own that I want to write about.  Can I post about it on your site?

Absolutely! We are big fans of helping other geeky projects along.  As long as it fits the general theme of our website we’d love to add you as a contributor so you can talk about it.  In exchange, helping advertise us or name dropping us in your own project would be super fabulous!  We’re all about geeks helping other geeks propel their personal projects forward.

Are you a feminist blog?

Well, the people who run it are women, and we’re all pretty invested in equal treatment and representation, so yes. Yes, it is. Don’t expect this to constrain our content, though – we’re liable to write and report on any topic and any genre (because, hey, there are no topics or genres that are immune from feminist scrutiny), and we welcome male readers and contributors. Our articles do not necessarily have to be explicitly feminist, but they do have to NOT be misogynist. We are also concerned with intersectionality, and will not tolerate racism, homophobia, trans*phobia, ableism, or any other kind of discrimination against underprivileged groups in our space.