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Do you like to WRITE and EXPRESS YOUR FEELS?


Awesome! Put those feelings into words!

Then create a WordPress account and shoot us an email at with your screen name, story idea and/or article draft.  If approved, you can become a site contributor and post articles.

What we are looking for from contributors:

We are looking for individuals who can write articles about a variety of topics. Television shows, movies, comic books, science, literature, art. You name it, we want it!  This blog is young and we’re going to let it grow and develop as the contributors see fit.  All geeks are welcome!

We are also looking for articles written with professionalism, but humor (and sarcasm) are always welcome. In fact, it’s downright encouraged.

What you should expect from us as an organization:

At this time we are an all volunteer organization. However, with your help, the Geekiary can grow and maybe offer compensation at some point in the future. Since we are all volunteers, there is no set deadlines or required output amounts. However, if you promise to have an article done in two weeks and you flake on us, you will be responsible for our disappointed fangirl tears. Don’t make fangirls cry. It’s bad karma.