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Watching Taken the Miniseries (part 8)


We pick up two hours after the last episode ended. The survivors of the hostage situation have reappeared and Allie is gone. And it also appears that the Crawford’s finally have what they… Continue reading

What We’re Watching This Fall


It’s Fall and TV shows are slowly coming back to life or, in some cases, premiering for the first time.  As much as we’d like to, we can’t cover everything.  Below is a… Continue reading

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Pilot Episode Review


This review contains spoilers for the pilot episode. I’ve been a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Iron Man and have been following the buzz surrounding S.H.I.E.L.D. since it was announced that… Continue reading

Which New Show Are You Looking Forward To Most This Fall?


Sleepy Hollow This show, which premiered last week, takes the classic Sleepy Hollow legend and throws it 250 years into the future to our present day.  Ichabod Crane, along with police officer Abbie… Continue reading

Watching Taken the Miniseries (part 7)


Allie is wise far beyond her years… and kind of sassy too. And that’s why everyone in the show loves her, basically. For us, we finally get to know who our narrator is… Continue reading

Supernatural, Queer Baiting, and the Twittersphere


When fans get upset about something, many of them turn to Twitter.  They tweet actors, writers, and producers in the hopes of having their voices heard.  Twitter has provided a very unique platform… Continue reading

And What of Dorne? Musings About House Martell


This post is going to be mostly spoiler free. Any spoilers will simply be character names, personality traits, and things like House motto and sigil. There will be no spoilers in regards to… Continue reading

Sleepy Hollow Review : 1×01 Pilot


Sleepy Hollow didn’t even show up on my radar until it was literally in the middle of the premiere. A lot of my friends on Tumblr were very opinionated on the whole ordeal.… Continue reading

Watching Taken the Miniseries (part 6)


We’ve now made it halfway through the series and have moved on to Charlie and Lisa. We start right where the last episode left off, with the aliens taking back their property from… Continue reading

Watching Taken the TV Miniseries (part 5)


Wait, hold up, have you watched Episode 5 yet? No? Go do that then come back and we can have a chat. Don’t worry. This review isn’t going anywhere. With this episode we… Continue reading

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