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Elementary Episode Review: Step Nine


Sometimes I worry that I am too critical of the media I choose to consume. It pains me to notice, for instance, that the second episode of Sleepy Hollow was extremely mediocre in… Continue reading

Supernatural at San Diego Comic Con


Supernatural is one of those weird happenstances where a show is made for a mainstream audience, and then inexplicably gains an intense fandom presence. It can be jarring to realize that the fans… Continue reading

Geek and Sundry: the best-kept secret at ComicCon


I was lucky enough to go to San Diego Comic Con this year and, like many others, unlucky enough to only have a badge for a single day. I fully expected to spend… Continue reading

Much Ado About Nothing: Whedonites and Shakespearians Unite


Joss Whedon, once merely the nerdy niche-genre mastermind behind such underappreciated shows as Buffy, Angel, and Firefly, finally found some real mainstream success with his recent helming of The Avengers. But immediately afterwards,… Continue reading

Neil Gaiman Live at the Crystal Ballroom


Neil Gaiman’s voice sounds like his writing. I suppose that’s not terribly surprising. Of course the man who puts words together with uncompromising directness, and yet imbues so many phrases with little conspiratorial… Continue reading

Korean Films You Should Have Seen By Now


Sorry for the lack of updates! The Geekiary writers have all sadly been accosted by the specter of real life. Articles might be sporadic for the next couple of weeks. But I’m going… Continue reading

The Red Wedding: A Study in Refrigerators


After a string of mostly-quiet episodes that felt like nothing but rising action after rising action, we finally got our payoff: The Rains of Castamere was nothing but climax after climax. And while… Continue reading

Game of Boobs: What’s the Point of Nudity in Game of Thrones?


Everyone who watches Game of Thrones quickly learns that in order to love this show you have to be comfortable with the female form, if you know what I mean. The women on… Continue reading

Supernatural Episode Review: Sacrifice (and thoughts on the season)


My boyfriend is always the first to know whether I truly loved an episode of Supernatural. Sometimes he knows it even before I do. Because even though I’m still sorting through my feelings… Continue reading

Just how racist is Iron Man 3’s “The Mandarin?”


Casting white actors as characters of color is a time-honored tradition in Hollywood, whether they’re using hair dye and colored contacts to approximate a person of color (like with Private Vasquez in Aliens)… Continue reading

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